Personal insolvency

Personal insolvency - take advice to explore all the options

At Silva Insolvency & Recovery Services Ltd, we offer you debt management solutions including Individual Voluntary Arrangements [IVA]. This can give you a way out of tough financial situations including bankruptcy. Get in contact with us today.  We operate throughout York and the surrounding areas.

Debt management advice

The prospect of personal insolvency can be overwhelming with your property, your family’s security and your livelihood all at risk. That’s why it’s important to get qualified advice from an insolvency practitioner who can analyse your situation and help find a way forward, (such as an Individual Voluntary Arrangement) that works for both you and your creditors. Get in touch with Jeremy Wood FCA FABRP – a licensed Insolvency Practitioner with 15 years’ experience in personal and company insolvency. Jeremy heads Silva Insolvency & Recovery Services Ltd and founded the firm in 2014. Read more about the company in the ‘About us‘ page.

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