MVL Fixed Fee estimate form

instant tailored estimate for MVL – MVL can be conducted 100% online

In order to complete the form effectively and receive a meaningful estimate you’ll need a good grasp of the company’s trading history; status; ownership and financial position. If the information required isn’t readily to hand some of it can be obtained by checking the entries at Companies House.

The estimate is automatically adjusted depending on the form answers so we are confident that the estimate will be accurate. However, the form cannot apply to all circumstances so further adjustments may be required.

Notes and caveats

  1. The form is only suitable for companies limited by shares which are registered in England and Wales.
  2. In simple cases the estimate form will give an accurate idea of the fee. However, the form relies on estimates and in more complex cases the estimate will need to be adjusted based on the precise circumstances.
  3. In general the more the company can be ‘tidied up’ pre-liquidation the lower the fee estimate will be. This will mean settling all creditors and making sure all returns have been submitted to HMRC and the company has been de-registered.
  4. Unfortunately the estimate form does not currently allow for multiple MVLs. Please contact the office for an estimate or enter company details one at a time. Where companies liquidated at the same time and are under common ownership a discount will likely be available.
  5. The estimate produced is not a legally binding offer and it should not be interpreted as consent to act in the matter.
  6. Warning. An MVL is only reversible via an application to court. This can be difficult, expensive and time-consuming. Do not proceed with an MVL until you have satisfied yourself that it is suitable for the the company’s circumstances.