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About Silva Insolvency & Recovery Services Ltd

Silva Insolvency & Recovery Services Ltd is a small York-based firm of Insolvency Practitioners with responsive, personal service.

Why choose Silva?

1.  Why quality service is important in insolvency scenarios?

There are many aspects to running even the simplest business and no two businesses are exactly alike. As well as money, you’ve invested time and effort into your business and its stakeholders are important to you.

For most of our clients dealing with financial distress is (thankfully) going to be a once-in-lifetime-experience. But when you have no experience it’s important to have someone reliable to guide you through it.

Quality service and communication are going to be critical. The situation is often stressful but if it’s handled well most stakeholders will understand that they’ve been treated fairly. If the situation is handled poorly there could be trouble further down the line. Poor service can make an uncomfortable situation completely intolerable.

2.  Why it’s worth considering a smaller firm

From your own experience you will know that with larger firms it’s often difficult to make direct contact with the person (or even the team) who is working for you. It’s more difficult still to contact the person making the decisions (even assuming it is a person and not an algorithm). They depend on their clients fitting into their systems but unfortunately not all clients get the consistent service they need. Sometimes issues raised can fall between the cracks due to imperfect internal communication.

You need to engage an Insolvency Practitioner [IP] you can trust. You will want to know who you can contact with your queries and you will want to feel confident that the issues you raise will be dealt with. You do not want to be passed from department to department having to repeat yourself and chase matters through.

3.  4 Great reasons to choose Silva Insolvency & Recovery Services Ltd

1.       Consistent personal service

Silva Insolvency & Recovery Services Ltd is a small firm so service can be highly personalised. That’s really important in high pressure insolvency scenarios. Two key benefits are that:

  • Most clients have a single point of contact and a single case worker from the first meeting all the way through to completion. This gives transparency and, ultimately, the maximum possible control of the process.
  • Because of this, communications can be pitched at a level you and other stakeholders can easily understand (rather than being stuffed with jargon and irrelevant information).

2.       Qualifications and experience

Clearly you will need to choose an IP who has the skills and experience to help with your situation.

Jeremy Wood is a licensed Insolvency Practitioner, a qualified Chartered Accountant (with the ICAEW) and a member of R3 (the
Association of Business Recovery Professionals.

About Jeremy Wood. Jeremy Wood owns and runs Silva Insolvency & Recovery Services Ltd in York. Jeremy was brought up and schooled in York before leaving the city to attend university. After his graduation, Jeremy underwent training to become a Chartered Accountant. He first worked with a large international accountancy firm and then with a medium-sized practice in Essex. While working there, Jeremy began working in the Insolvency and Recovery Services Department. He later went on to prepare for the specialist insolvency exams (JIEB). In 2014, Jeremy received his license to work as an independent insolvency practitioner.

3.       Local

We serve York, Malton, Wetherby, Goole, Pocklington, Harrogate and Ripon. A face-to-face meeting is not required though so if you or the business is in another part of the country we may still be able to assist, depending on the services required.

If you wish you can meet your Insolvency Practitioner in person or, alternatively, it is usually possible to conduct all or nearly all communications electronically.

4.       Speed and cost

The core of an Insolvency Practitioner’s role in the economy is to return as much money to creditors as swiftly as possible. It goes without saying that lower fees and great flexibility will help to achieve that. Our small size and low cost-base means our fees are very competitive and we can begin to take positive action straight-away.

About our services

We have a range of appointments and services including: